Do’s and don’ts for the Trucking and Towing Business

Do's and don'ts for the Trucking and Towing Business

These are the basics you should know:


Regularly inspect your equipment and tow trucks. Check that every component is working properly each time you tow. You should inspect the trailer lights, brakes, turn signals, and breakaway switch connections. Also, check the towing chain and trailer. Regular inspections of your towing vehicles by the State Department of Modern Vehicles are a must.


Be extra cautious when driving. You should remember that your tow truck is not the only vehicle you are driving. You are actually pulling the vehicle you tow. You should consider that the weight and size of the tow vehicle has will have an impact on your speed, acceleration, and stopping distance.

Do's and don'ts for the Trucking and Towing Business


Don’t speed up Never speed up when driving a loaded truck. You should not accelerate if you aren’t driving in an express manner. You should ensure that other vehicles are at least two meters from your tow truck or the towed vehicle.


Keep control. To ensure that the tow truck is in safe control, you must hold the steering wheel steady. Make sure the chains are securely fastened to the vehicle.


Don’t apply the brakes too hard. It is better to apply the trailer brakes whenever you have to stop the trailer. You should not use the tow truck’s brakes. You should also avoid hitting the brakes too hard, as this could lead to a “jackknife” situation. You can read about How to Choose the Right Big Rig Towing company – Is price your only motivation by clicking here.


Do stop if your trailer sways. Do not tow the trailer if it is swaying. Never accelerate if your trailer is swaying excessively, even without wind gusts. This will cause your trailer to sway faster. Don’t steer. Instead, you should stop and inspect your towing equipment.

You must properly load your tow truck. You can avoid trailer swaying if you properly load your tow truck. It is important to load the trailer in the front heavier than it is in the back. The front weight should be 20% heavier than the back. Be sure to load heavy objects close to the axle.

h. Check the tongue weight. The average tongue weight is between 10% and 15% of the Gross Trailer Weight (GTW). You should ensure that your vehicle weighs at least 50% before you tow it. Lucknow aims to offer the best trucking accessories and towing accessories at affordable prices. Visit for more information